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Legacy by Thestealingnun Legacy :iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 9 2 Like Mother Like Daughter by Thestealingnun Like Mother Like Daughter :iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 13 2
Gone With Lin Chapter Seven
Lin stared at the radio that hissed with feed as Koto messed with it in order to find the radio signal.
"Comfortable?" Koto glanced up at Lin who just blankly looked up at him. She met his cold blue eyes. They had a dangerous edge about them that sent chills up Lin's arms.
Koto rolled his eyes as she looked away. He caught sight of her arms; rough and torn apart from the abuse she had faced the past couple of days. In a way, he pitied the little girl that could be no older then five. She didn't do anything to wind up in this storm... none the less. She was valuable. Lin was the only thing that Chief Beifong really cherished.
"When can I see my mommy?" The big green eyes seemed to stare into Koto's very soul.
"Er. Soon. Marc is just having a chat with he-"
"He hurt her." Lin spat at Koto. Her spit glob landing on the toe of his boot. Koto took a sharp inhale at the action of disrespect.
"we just need her to work with us. She didn't want to help." He paced towards Lin, who quickly stared
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Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Thestealingnun Everybody Wants To Rule The World :iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 15 5
Gone With Lin Chapter Six
Sokka paced up and down the dark warehouse of Kings street, eager to have the triple threat arrive so that he could free his woman. Toph. He never thought that he would be able to love a woman so stubborn as a boulder, but she had stolen his heart. He still held an ounce of jealousy for the man who had won Toph's love enough to be Lin's father, though. Sokka wanted children more then Toph understood; which is why he didn't have any yet. But still maybe one day she would decide that may-
"Here they come." Aang snapped Sokka back to reality. Four hooded men approached The Avatar and his companion. "Greetings." The assumed leader called out about ten feet in front of them. "I assume you're here to discuss our trade." The man stared down the Avatar as he let the words roll off his tongue.
"Where are you keeping her!" Sokka released a cold growl that cut through the alley into the four Triple Threat's ears. "Now now Sokka. All in due time."
Aang stepped forward into the faint light that cam
:iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 7 4
AFTER I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR LIKE EVER NOW... I WILL BE BACK AND WRITING STARTING NOW. I HAVE BEEN In the er for a while and in order to kill time this is all I have to do. I have had some serious writers block and i am very sorry about it. Expect the next chapter in a few days!
<3 The stealing nun
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Gone with Lin Chapter Five
"It's ok mommy, It'll be alright." Lin cooed to her mother like Toph had done to her. Lin stroked her mother's black, messy hair. Toph laid still, her face still wet with tears. Lin held onto her mother as tight as she could.
"Mommy, Sokka will save us. Aang and Katara too!" She said with surprising enthusiasm. Toph slowly sat up, pulling Lin into her lap.
"I love you Lin, no matter what happens, don't forget that." Toph spoke, her voice rasped. She was the legendary Bei Fong, who invented metal bending. She wasn't going to let being raped put her down. She had to protect Lin from these men. She was already sick and her little body won't be able to handle much more.
"Lin...did those men hurt you when I was still in here?" Toph stroked the girl's hair soothingly. It helped soothe Toph's own nerves, knowing that she was there with her and alive.
"No... He let me sit on the sofa and watch TV." Lin smiled, he had been nice to her. "He let me have some chocolate." She looked up at her mothe
:iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 34 36
Sweet Dreams by Thestealingnun Sweet Dreams :iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 9 2
Mature content
Gone With Lin Chapter Four :iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 26 37
Gone With Lin Chapter Three
"Are you comfortable, Lin?" Marc stared at the tiny girl, whose hands were strapped to the table. She stared at him with hateful eyes.
"Did you hurt my mom?"
The question surprised Marc. He didn't suspect something like that from her, he was waiting for something like "Where is my mommy?" kind of thing. He stared at the girl, studying her. She was almost the spitting image of the Chief of Police.
"Not physically" He gave her a smile, might as well try to be nice.
"You hurt her...things will go bad for you." She spat at him from across the table. She wanted to be free, save Tenzin, and run.
"What did you do to my friend?" Lin questioned him again.
"The airbender? Well he was just trying to fight with us instead of work with us" Marc smiled at Lin again. It unnerved her.
"Would you like to see your mommy today?" He watched her reaction carefully, her eager shake of her head.
"Well then you have to help us first...Do you know where your momma Toph keeps the keys for work?" He asked, she w
:iconthestealingnun:Thestealingnun 43 12
Gone with Lin Chapter Two
Lin curled tightly into a ball. She couldn't see anything, her hands were bound along with her feet and something covering her eyes. She didn't know what was going on. Katara had come over with Bumi, Kya and Tenzin, she had to run home and get some healthy food for them to eat. She hated that Toph didn't keep much in the house. If they needed something, they would run and get it. No need on having a horde of food. Besides donuts, Toph loved those and would always try and snag one for breakfast.
"Ouch!" Tenzin's body slammed into hers and he growled in pain. They were in the back of a truck, both blind and tied.
"Tenzin, watch what you're doing!" Lin whined in pain. He was bigger than her, and it felt like he had used his airbending to hit her with as much force as he could.
Lin struggled to sit upright, she was only wearing her pj's from that night and no shoes. She tried to pull at the ropes on her arms but they wouldn't give.
"Where are we Tenzin?" She whispered, trying to be brave.
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Gone With Lin Chapter One
    "Mr. Koto, of the triple threat triad has been brought in yesterday by our chief of police, Toph Beifong. She single handedly cau-" Toph flipped off the radio. She was sick of hearing the boring announcers voice. She wanted to hear something else other than about Koto. She had spent three months tracking the leader of the new group that called themselves the Triple Threat Triad. They wreaked havoc on innocent non bending and bending citizens of Republic City, her city.
    Her train of thoughts shut off as she "heard" her daughters sleepy footsteps try and creep into her room. Listening to the door creep open, Lin slowly walked in, holding her blanket tightly with her tiny hands.
"Mommy?" Lin whispered, walking towards Toph slowly, not sure if she was interrupting work or not.
    "Yes Lin?" Toph stared unseeing at the wall. She felt her daughter reach for her hand. Toph turned and scooped up Lin in her arms. The poor girl
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Toph Bei Fong by TophWei Toph Bei Fong :icontophwei:TophWei 1,362 179 Gaang - Spirit Days, ATLA-Gorillaz crossover by Gaang Gaang - Spirit Days, ATLA-Gorillaz crossover :icongaang:Gaang 48 15 How to Play Pai Sho by flamingtunapictures How to Play Pai Sho :iconflamingtunapictures:flamingtunapictures 79 36 Pai Sho by flamingtunapictures Pai Sho :iconflamingtunapictures:flamingtunapictures 46 22 Legend of Korra Pabu Doll by WormsandBones Legend of Korra Pabu Doll :iconwormsandbones:WormsandBones 573 69 Same, Same. by GetUpAndFight Same, Same. :icongetupandfight:GetUpAndFight 74 9 Adult Toph by freestarisis Adult Toph :iconfreestarisis:freestarisis 664 11 Toph by Renavie Toph :iconrenavie:Renavie 117 9 Avatar Korra by Gardevoir1997 Avatar Korra :icongardevoir1997:Gardevoir1997 117 20 Legend of Korra Naga Doll by WormsandBones Legend of Korra Naga Doll :iconwormsandbones:WormsandBones 4,528 437 The Legend of Sol Concept Art Traditional Dump by SolKorra The Legend of Sol Concept Art Traditional Dump :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 50 54 Tenzin Collaboration by flashflores2 Tenzin Collaboration :iconflashflores2:flashflores2 313 37 weeee by Laikkuseia weeee :iconlaikkuseia:Laikkuseia 59 13 who lit toph on fire by Laikkuseia who lit toph on fire :iconlaikkuseia:Laikkuseia 206 28 let the blind girl do the paperwork by Laikkuseia let the blind girl do the paperwork :iconlaikkuseia:Laikkuseia 152 56 The Push and Pull (fanfic illustrations) by Laikkuseia The Push and Pull (fanfic illustrations) :iconlaikkuseia:Laikkuseia 193 56



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